Beyond the Gospels: Colossians

Today’s Reading: Colossians 3:18 – 4:6
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Wives, husbands, children, fathers, slaves, masters… for the sake of today’s devotional let’s consider the word slave as employee and master as a boss or leader. Take a look at the list again, and let’s go back to the scripture. Instead of using the generic word place your name in the text instead. For example I would read, “Stacy, submit to your husband, as is fitting to the Lord.”  Paul is not writing generic words to generic people. He knew many of the people he was writing to personally. These instructions were fitting in the years Paul wrote them and they still are today. We would be wise to put them into practice.

Paul wraps it up by encouraging Believers to devote themselves to prayer being watchful and thankful. When is the last time you devoted yourself to prayer for someone or something? Yesterday I was listening to the radio as I drove along and the speaker talked about how she was passionate about the end of human trafficking. Everyday at noon she spent some time in prayer for this issue.

Let’s devote ourselves to prayer this week. What will you pray for daily this week? Maybe it is our church… a sick loved one… your marriage… your child. Does your heart burn for some issue others face? the hungry, the homeless or the orphans in our community? Set an alarm on your phone and devote the time to pray.

We want to hear from you. Leave a comment in our comment box and let us know how you are praying this week. May the Lord use our prayer to change lives and bring His love and peace.

Father God, You have a way and not the way for us to live
in every area of life. Work in my heart, bring my life more in line with Your way.
Show me who or what to pray for this week. I devote my life to You.

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