Beyond the Gospels: Acts

Today’s Scripture: Acts 24:22-25:12
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Felix and his wife volunarily listened to Paul’s teaching for two years. Repeatedly calling him back into their presence. Yes, Felix had an ulterior motive. He wanted a bribe from Paul. Still, God can use any situation for His purpose. Paul would talk to Felix about a relationship with God, about living a life of moral discipline, and Felix would get uncomfortable. Instead of opening his heart and mind to the gentle promptings of the Holy Spirit, he would send Paul away.

I’ve squirmed in my pew at times just like Felix. Struggling between the prompting of the Spirit and my own selfishness. These are “fork in the road” times. We can take the direction of Felix and dismiss it altogether. Or, we can open our hearts to the truth of what God is speaking in that moment.

What has left you squirming recently? Which direction did you take?

Father God, You know what makes me squirm. 
You know the truth I want to close my ears to.
I no longer want to harden my heart to the Spirit’s voice.
Make me sensitive to His conviction.
Bless me with the faith and humility to receive truth
and allow it to change me.
I’ve lived far from You long enough.

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