Beyond the Gospels: Acts

Today’s Scripture: Acts 25:13-27
(No bible handy, just click on the link to read today’s verses.)

At this point all seems crazy! Not one official can find fault in Paul. No one can back up their accusations with any evidence. The government leaders continue to say this is a religious argument and has nothing to do with the law. And yet, they refuse to let Paul go. Why? What is up with all of this?

When you look at each of these circumstances on an individual basis, they seem ludicrous. What if we look at each circumstance as a piece of the whole? Nothing happens to us, or Paul, in a vacuum. God is the master at weaving every circumstance in our lives together for our good and for the good of others. His plan for Paul is to go to Rome. He has a plan for us too.

Trust in His plan for you… no matter the circumstances you find yourself in at this very moment. All the moments in all the days will add up in a way you cannot fathom. And it will be… Oh so good.

Lord, You alone can use the craziness of the world for good.
Help me to trust You in the circumstances You set me in.
Show me the opportunities You give me to share Your truth,
even if I don’t understand how I got where I am.

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