Beyond the Gospels: Acts

Today’s Scripture: Acts 2: 1-13
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I walked into a local business not too long ago and the owner is wearing one of those rubber bracelets with the message It’s Personal on it. I have noticed others wearing items with the saying so I asked, “Hey what’s this It’s Personal thing?” My friend shares with me how God inspired Him to use the phrase It’s Personal as a way to share the gospel with others.

Luke’s account of Pentecost reminds me just how personal it is. The Holy Spirit not only descends on a the community of Believers but rested on each one there. Each one spoke in a different language, but all gifts of the same Spirit. How awesome it is that God is a God of all and makes it personal at the same time. I’m in awe at the very thought of it.

Think for a moment about how God has made Himself known to you in a personal way. What does it feel like to know It’s Personal?

Want to know more about It’s Personal. Here’s the link: It’s Personal

Lord, You made it personal through incarnation.
You, as a baby, entering in our lives, entering our world.
I invite You, now, to enter my personal world.
Bless me with Your Spirit in my life.

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