Beyond the Gospels: Acts

Today’s Scripture: Acts 26:12-32
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 Agrippa told Festus, “He could be set free right now if he hadn’t requested the hearing before Caesar.”

Seems like Paul made a big mistake. Now, because of Paul’s request, he cannot be set free by these two. By law, he has to go to Rome. This is no mistake. Paul knew what he was asking. He knew once he made the request he would go no matter what. Paul understood some of God’s plan for him, if not all, and God was moving Paul to Rome. Paul’s obedience and faith in God’s plan meant no earthly freedom at this point.

Paul’s understanding of freedom has nothing to do with prison bars or anything on this earth for that matter. In God’s kingdom freedom has do with our heart. And true freedom only comes through obedience.

Are there areas in your life that seem bound up? Could it be an obedience issue?

Lord, show me where I’ve bound myself through disobedience.
Bless me with the faith and humility to repent.
I want to know true freedom.

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