Beyond the Gospels: Acts

Today’s Scripture: Acts 6:8-15
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Stephen was doing wonderful things. He was full of wisdom and clearly the Holy Spirit was doing a mighty work through him. Why is it so many get stirred up when something like this happens? The men were so stirred up they were willing to bribe and lie to stop what Stephen was doing. It was their attempt to take control of this situation.

I’ve been stirred up the last few days. Worried and anxious about things that are out of my control. Frustrated with the circumstances in which I find myself. Stephen wasn’t stirred up. Stephen knew who was in control. A reminder to me that all this worrying and frustration is not God’s plan. When I take a moment to refocus on Him, I realize all this stirred up stuff inside of me is my need to find some kind of control… a need to fix what I can’t fix.

Is there something keeping you stirred up lately? Maybe today is the day to refocus on the One who is in control and trust Him with it.

Lord, I praise You for Your sovereignty,
Your control over every circumstance and situation.
I praise You for Your wisdom and knowledge,
the working out of Your purpose through what I don’t understand.
Today, I choose to trust You and rest in the truth that You know Your purpose and plan.
You are not stirred up or surprised by the happenings in the world.
I trust You.

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