Beyond the Gospels: Acts

Today’s Scripture: Acts 10:9-33
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But God has just shown me that no race is better than any other.

Peter wasn’t sure about this at first. It was against the law he had been taught all his life to associate with someone other than a Jew. But God spoke and Peter obeyed. For the first time in his life, he sat with people of another race in close proximity. Not only were they in the same room but they shared food, fellowship, and prayer.

Some of us may have the same issue as Peter. It is not just about race. It can be religion or status, economic circumstances, political parties, even individual issues. Any area where we find ourselves judging others is a place of separation. Let’s face it. We are more comfortable with those who are like us. The like-minded so to speak.

God didn’t leave Peter with those who were like him. He called him to go and reach out to the Gentiles. That’s me, a Gentile. That’s you! His obedience opened the door for us to receive the good news of Christ.

Is God calling you to share his Word and love with someone who is different than you? What will you do?

Lord, help me to see all people as You do.
Each made in Your image. Each one for Whom You died.
Each potential brothers or sisters in Jesus.

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