Beyond the Gospels: Acts

Today’s Scripture: Acts 14:1-18
[To read The Message version of this passage, click the reference above.]

The Message of truth receives a lot of different reactions.

If Paul and Barnabas had to determine their success based on the reaction of people and how the Message was received they would have been confused by their mixed reviews: some received the Message whole-heartedly; some wanted to beat them up, and then there were those who deemed them gods.

Paul and Barnabas delivered the Message of truth freely, openly, and confidently. And God affirmed their work with miracles and wonders.

When we answer God’s call to deliver the Message of truth or serve, we cannot be overly concerned with people’s reactions. We must only listen and watch for God’s corroboration to affirm our obedience.

People are not good judges of truth. God is the only Judge who knows the hearts of people. He knows why they respond to truth and why they don’t. He alone knows if we have done what He’s called us to do in the way He’s called us to do it and with a right motive.

Don’t put too much stock in what people say about your service to God.
Don’t let those who criticize, start whisper campaigns or worse, discourage you.
Don’t let those who want to put you on a pedestal lift you up and inflate your ego.

Look for the wonders. Look for the miracles. Praise God for the work He’s doing through you. He’s the only One who will give you an honest review.

Lord, I see Paul and Barnabas serving You alone.
They were not swayed by people’s reaction to the Message.
As I serve You, protect me from the temptation to please people.
Protect me from fear of man. I choose to serve You freely, openly and confidently.
Bless me with affirmations through Your Spirit when I please You
with my service.

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