Beyond the Gospels: 1John

Today’s verses: 1 John 1:1 – 2:6
[Open up the Word today. Click on the reference above or get your Bible.]

Concepts of light and love are introduced as part of exploring the fellowship Believers can have both with God and each other. It is a unique experience of shared life. John’s pastoral letter is intended to provide comfort and guidance as he writes warmly and urgently.

He emphasizes a real fellowship with God and intimate sharing with others. Light speaks of a spiritual reality. A reality that enables Christians to live in accordance with an inner joy.

The realization that all have sinned and the reality of God’s grace and love can motivate Christians to realize the transforming power of forgiveness.

The more willing one is to follow God’s commands, the more one can grasp the evidence that we do know Jesus. His love is not just some abstract concept, but rather can find expression through obedience to God.

Thought for today: The basis of the Christian life is both obedience and love for God’s inspired Word and love for others.

Dear loving Father, teach us to live the kind of life that is consistent
with fellowship with God in Christ.

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