Beyond the Gospels: 1 John

Today’s Reading: 1 John 5:13-21
(Click on the link to read today’s Scripture. You might notice a different version. This month the links will be from the New Living Translation.)

Dear children, keep away from anything that might
take God’s place in your hearts.
1 John 5:21
If I wrote these words to you, I would say, 
Dear children, friend, spouse, hairdresser…
Dear sister, brother, grandparent, businessman…
Dear officer, widow, mom, or dad…
Keep away, don’t go near, run from, turn away anything
… your phone, television, romance novel
… your career, money, possessions
… your games, hobbies, music
… your hurt, resentment, bitterness
if it has some chance, some possibility of taking God’s place in your hearts. Throw. It. Out! Let it go! Don’t give it another thought!
Why? because these things don’t happen over night and if you give an inch it will take a mile. And nobody wants to give up miles or years to something that has no power to transform… no power to heal… no power to redeem. God seeks to rule and reign in our hearts. Is there something in His place? some reigning power sucking your time, energy, joy? Today is the day to put God back on the throne of your heart.
Father God, show me what’s taking Your place in my life.
Bless me with the humility to come into agreement with You.
Bless me with the faith to let it go and throw it out!
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