Beyond the Gospels: 1 John

Sometimes things just fall through the cracks and the posting of this week’s devotionals was a mistake on my part. Sorry for the delay.–Stacy

Today’s verses: 1 John 2:7-17
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Human society with all its godless values cannot stand the test of eternity. Things of the world system seduce the instincts and desires that spring from our sinful nature.

Believers are to love one another as forgiven children of God our Father. We become stronger in the faith as spiritual insight develops as members of God’s family. Our sins have been forgiven and we have power to overcome the evil one.

Arrogance caused by possessions or trying to impress others is worldliness. It is contrary to godliness and does not come from God. Do not turn your confidence away from Jesus.

John lectures: Dear children, you have known the Father and the Word of God lives in you. The things of the world are not lasting. They pass away. But doing the will of God will bring you to live forever by the power of the indwelling Word.

Thought for today: The true light keeps us from stumbling.

 Father, thank You for forgiving our sins and making us strong
through Your abiding Word.

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