Beyond the Gospel: Acts

Today’s Scripture: Acts 2:14-41
(No Bible handy…? Just click on the link to read today’s verses.)

Is this man the same Peter we saw just a few verses ago? The same one who sank into the sea, couldn’t stay awake to pray, and denied he even knew Jesus? How does a man go from that to what we see today in the Scriptures? It reminds me of those before and after pictures we see all the time. Peter went from unable to able in an instant and gives his first sermon. He spoke boldly with such power some 3000 turned to follow Jesus.

Methodists call it sanctification. A big word for the grace that draws us closer to God everyday. It’s very definition signifies a before… and an after. What would your spiritual life before and after picture look like? How has the Holy Spirit changed you over time? How is God changing you today?

Lord, only You make me able through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Bless me with faith to accept my ability to act in Your name.

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