Beyond the Gospel: Acts

Today’s Scripture: Acts 13:13-30
[If your Bible’s not near, click the reference above to read online.]

“From out of David’s descendants God produced a Savior for Israel,
Jesus, exactly as he promised — but only after John had thoroughly
alerted the people to his arrival by preparing them for a total life-change. …”
Acts 13:23-24 Msg
Long before, God planned the rescue of His people. He had a plan in place to bring about a total life-change. He waited for just the right time, making sure all the preparations were made, so those who were prepared would receive Him.
Have you experienced a total life-change since meeting Jesus? That’s what He desires for you and for all people. He wants us to experience total life-change, not just a little, but total, complete.
If you haven’t seen change in your life or in the life of a loved one your waiting on, don’t be discouraged, just remember He’s preparing the way. Waiting for the perfect time to arrive.
Father God, thank You for preparing the way for our Savior
to enter the world and bring the opportunity for change.
Thank You for the change You’ve made in my life.
Thank You for the change You are preparing to bring about
in those I love. Help me wait patiently. Help me see Your hand at work.
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