Behind the worship

When she asked me I said yes, but inside I cringed.  The times I’ve attempted it before were a lot like pulling teeth and I just wasn’t sure this time would be any different.  Quite frankly…my attitude stunk.  I thought about it all day after our meeting.  What does it look like for children to lead worship?  Should I just plug them into what we already do?  Will they be able to do it?  All the things that could go wrong marched across my thoughts like little soldiers.  In the car going home I prayed, you are going to have do this one God…I am way out of my comfort zone.

My friend challenged me with one statement. “If you’re gonna have a worship service led by kids, then create it that way.  Don’t try to get them to lead like adults.”  I spent a lot of time praying about this one, and slowly an idea formed.  Over the next few weeks God inspired a theme and pieces fell into place.  I called and e-mailed parents…asked kids to read and lead and sing.  Not one turned me down.  In fact they were excited. 

One week before the service, I woke up panicked.  Would it all come together?  Is this really possible?  You see, down deep in my heart, I didn’t want this to be about kids performing on a stage.  I wanted worship…authentic worship led by young ones.  At practice that evening I reminded the children how awesome it was they would leading worship.  I reminded them it doesn’t matter what your age is, God is glorified when we offer our gifts and talent to Him.  Worship is about Him…leading others to Him.

I kept one thing in mind as I journeyed through the next week.  “This is not about performance but your presence Lord”.  Last Sunday morning I woke up with a song in my heart and a peace I don’t quite understand.  I prayed one sentence as I shut the front door…Lord, worship is yours so you’re going to have to show up.

I would like to say the morning’s practice went off without a hitch.  No one was nervous and we remembered all of our lines.  I would love to say it…but it wouldn’t be the truth.  God was gently pushing my little friends and I out of our comfort zones and we were well…uncomfortable!  We finished up and I gathered those sweet ones around.  “Touch a friend” I said to them.  It’s not cool to hold hands at this age.  We bowed our heads and I prayed…prayed for them…prayed for those who would come to worship.  We asked Jesus to be the focus not us.  We offered up our gifts as a sacrifice to glorify His name.  It was the most special moment for me.

The rest is history I guess you could say.  What awesome worship we had!

Conviction runs deep when you realize your attitude could have gotten in the way of what God wanted to do.  The children led us in amazing worship.  Behind the worship, they led me to a lesson I won’t soon forget. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.–Proverbs 3: 5-6

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