Before Advent begins…

Advent Wreath’s Story

Each Advent season those who decorate our church place the Advent wreath in the sanctuary.  I love to watch each year as families light the candles every Sunday.  The wreath is a symbol of waiting.  God’s people waiting thousands of years for the Messiah.  Still today we are waiting.  Each candle represents a week of waiting.  Waiting to celebrate the birth of Jesus…waiting for Him to return.

The church sanctuary is not the only place for Advent wreathes.  Many celebrate this tradition in their homes as well.  It’s a great way to take a moment to stop and remind ourselves what all the hustle and bustle is really about.  I can just imagine families all over the world gathering to light the candle each Sunday.  Faces glowing as they read His word which points us to the fact that we don’t have to wait much longer.  For He is coming…the Light of the World.

As we wrap up our Thanksgiving celebrations maybe we  should take time to consider this tradition in our homes.  Before the first Sunday in Advent gather those around and create your own Advent wreath.  Five candles placed on a plate or in a circle with some greenery is all you really need. Four on the edge and the tallest in the middle.  Let the children help out.  Maybe they can gather a pinecone or two or a nice bow to complete your wreath.

If you want to go all out there are many ideas on the internet.  Whether simple or more elaborate, this is a tradition that helps us to remember right in the midst of the busiest season of the year, that Jesus…He’s worth the wait!

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