Back to the Beginning: Genesis 8:1-19

Genesis 8:1-19
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But God remembered Noah…
Genesis 8:1
After pouring out His wrath on the earth in the form of a flood… God remembered Noah
God’s primary focus for the flood was to blot out evil. His intention to destroy all but eight of the people He created.
In a world of evil, when God decides to dole out judgment on the rebellious, those who walk with Him in righteousness suffer, too.
Noah and his family bobbed along in the ark full of animals, while others drowned. They had no control over their destination. They waited. And wondered. When will it be over? When will things get back to normal?

Have you suffered because of another’s sinful behavior?
Have you wondered and waited when life could get back to normal?
Sometimes, when God deals with the sin of others, even the faithful suffer from the fallout.
I find comfort in these words, God remembered Noah… Living in a world again corrupted with evil. Filled with darkness. The consequences and suffering of sin leave no one untouched. But in it all… He remembers those who belong to Him.
Whatever fallout you may be dealing with today, find comfort, He remembers you… 
Father God, thank You for remembering those who belong to You.
Remind me what You pour out on others in judgement, is for me a refining fire.
An opportunity to exercise my faith and trust in You.

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