Back to the Beginning: Genesis 7

Today’s reading Genesis 7.
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…the water of the flood came upon the earth.
…all the fountains of the great deep burst open…
Genesis 7:10, 11

We had a flood at the church this week. The freezing weather burst pipes in the children’s wing. Two to three inches of water filled classrooms… offices… closets…

It’s hard for us to imagine the magnitude of the devastation the earth endured from the flood. But we’ll get a small glimpse of it over the coming weeks as we watch the cost of repairs to the Readiness School, Sunday School classes, and children’s church add up. The disruption to lives. Already parents whose children attend Readiness School will have to make other arrangements for the week. Extra work for employees to get things back in order.

The year I graduated from high school my family’s home flooded due to rains stirred up by a hurricane. Two feet of water filled the entire house. My family displaced from home for weeks. It took months to repair the damages. Many items, irreplaceable, lost forever.

Water. A necessity for life. Can also claim life. Cause irreparable damage.

A great flood was God’s means to pour out His wrath on the earth. On the evil we had let run rampant. But in the pouring out of His wrath, He also cleansed the earth with the flood.

In all afflictions — floods, earthquakes, plagues, famines — God’s purpose is cleansing, purification, refinement.

“…Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver;
I have tried you in the furnace of affliction. …”
Isaiah 48:10 ESV
We not only experience community-wide afflictions, but personal afflictions as well. I’m facing a personal one of sorts this week. In the struggle, I turn to God in prayer. He used His Word and His Spirit to move me closer to Him. Refined my walk with Him. My trust in Him. My view of what He deems most important.
…put no confidence in the flesh…
…reach forward to what lies ahead…
Philippians 3:3, 13 NASB
Seeking Him in my personal grief, these words remind me where to put my hope and confidence: In Him, not in people. And to keep an eternal perspective.
“Surely I am coming soon.” Amen.
Come, Lord Jesus!
Revelation 22:20 ESV
In the middle of floods and quakes, physical or emotional, we can’t see what He is up to. But we can be sure of one thing. For those who love Him and trust Him, who pursue His purpose, it is for good. A refinement of our hearts to focus on the right things.
Noah and his family were tucked safely in the ark.
We who believe, are tucked safely in Christ.
Father God, I pray for wisdom and discernment for decisions made during times of affliction. May we know You, Lord, as our Ark who saves, cleanses, and purifies through the storms of life.

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