Back to the Beginning: Genesis 44

Joseph’s saga continues in Genesis 44.
Open up your Bible or open up the link above.

Brothers reunited.
They feast together.
But things are still not quite right.
Joseph remains dead to his brothers and continues to deal with what they did to him.

Benjamin finds himself unjustly accused. A thief only by Joseph’s doing. Joseph’s maneuverings put Judah in a position to make good on his promise to his father. And he does.

“…please let your servant remain instead of the boy as a servant to my lord,
and let the boy go back with his brothers. …”
Genesis 44:33
Again, the foreshadowing of Christ is reflected in Judah and his willingness to give up his life for his younger brother and honor his father.
How often have you made a promise to someone because it was necessary to get what you needed? or wanted? What happened when you found yourself having to make good on the promise?
I confess, I’ve made some bold statements, saying, I never… or I will… but then when coming face to face with the consequences of I never… or I will… I’ve caved. The I never… now an I did… and the I will… an I failed… 

Judah shows great integrity in keeping his promise to his father. And in the promise keeping we see a change in his character. Judah now willing to sacrifice himself for the new favorite son, instead of trying to get rid of him.
Judah. A humble servant to his father.
Jesus. A humble Servant to His Father.
And when we fail to keep our vow, our promises, to sacrifice for others, Jesus is faithful to take our place. Willingly. Lovingly. Dying for us. So we might live.
Jesus, thank You for Your great faithfulness and love.
Thank You for being faithful when I fail to be.
Thank You, Lord, for taking my place on the cross.
Transform me through Your love and grace.

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