Back to the Beginning: Genesis 37:1-11

Today’s Word: Genesis 37:1-11
Open the link or a Bible to read the passage.
Jacob’s sons hated Joseph and understandably so, he was the apple of his father’s eye and it was no secret — Jacob even gifted him a beautiful robe. To add insult to injury, the favored Joseph starts having dreams, not just any dreams… dreams about being bowed down to and worshipped. Talk about salt to the wound! This caused the brothers’ hate and jealousy to continue to grow. Who can blame them? 
The problem is they were so caught up in the emotions of their “now” and had no idea what was to come. Our emotions will let us down time and time again. Unwarranted, biased, you name it — if we let them take control we are headed for a disaster. And more often than not, when we get to where we’re going we see things come together and make sense… after all, hindsight IS 20/20. The picture is clear, but the damage is done.

My Feelings should be an indicator of my situation, but never a dictator of my reaction.

—Lysa TerKeurst
Father God, help me to understand the part emotions play in my life. I truly believe they are a gift, but I do not want to base my actions on feelings which change one moment to the next. Let me instead make choices that rely on Your secure, unchanging truth. Amen. 

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