Back to the Beginning: Genesis 36

Today’s Scripture: Genesis 36
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Another list of descendants, but this time it is the dead-end line of Esau. The brother who traded his birthright for that bowl of soup, followed by the men who took their families away from the Promised Land, surrounded themselves with unbelievers, and valued worldly riches far above the riches found in God. Why even include them?

Well, we know all Scripture is God-breathed (2 Timothy 3:16) and the fact that Esau’s bloodline is written in the pages of God’s history is proof of the promise kept with Abraham. He would father many nations.
It is also proof of God’s unfailing love. Every person listed in this chapter was created by God… in His image. He loved them, in spite of faults, detours, disobedience, and dead-ends. Did they deserve God’s love, success, hope? Absolutely not, but no one really does. Which is why I am extremely grateful to be loved by a God whose mercies are new each morning (Lamentations 3:22-23), who brings me unfailing love, and the gift of hope through His Son. All of these are gifts I don’t deserve but He gives them anyway. 
Father God, I praise You as the God who loves His enemies, and the One who loves us first. You alone make the way for us to return. You, with Your own blood, paid the price for our sins. Your grace is amazing. Open my heart to fully receive it, and in turn offer it to others in Your name.

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