Back to the Beginning: Genesis 35:16-29

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One birth, two deaths, and an act of betrayal by his eldest son.

If you are not careful, you will miss it — the blessing in the middle of all of the pain. Does Jacob see God’s promise being fulfilled as he stands in the middle of loss and disappointment?
Pain often clouds our ability to see God’s blessing. Sometimes we completely miss it when we are neck deep in the pain. Other times it is not until we are able to reflect on it that we see it.
But I think Jacob knows. In the matter of one verse we see his newborn son’s name change from Ben-Oni (Son of My Pain) to Benjamin (Son of Good Fortune).

Lord, let me keep my eyes on You so that I may see Your blessings. Help me to not dwell on pain or disappointments but instead focus on the goodness of You.

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