Back to the Beginning: Genesis 34:1-35:15

Read the Word before the devotional. Use the link above to read online or open up your Bible.
What a tragic account of history. How does it go so wrong so quickly?

Lack of boundaries, self-indulgence, neglect, revenge, murder. It’s no wonder that chapter 34 is sickening to read… they have chosen to go about their business without God.
We are still doing it today. Just turn on the news or log on to Facebook, and you see one horrific headline after another. Actions and reactions prove this world is trying to live without God, and failing.
And it is NEVER because He abandons us. How often do we beg for His help, pray for Him to intercede and as soon as He does we go on about our business… without Him. But He is always there, always waiting for us to get back on track, to guide us, to free us. Telling us to put down our idols and walk with Him in a constant, growing relationship.
God I know that You are always there. Not so I can call on You only when things are not going my way, but to walk with me… guide me… free me. Show me the areas in my life where I am choosing to live without You. Help me to change. Amen. 

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