Back to the Beginning: Genesis 32

Today’s reading: Genesis 32
Be sure to read the Word before the words below. Open up your Bible or open them online by clicking the link in the reference.
The line has been drawn and Jacob cannot turn back. No matter how scared he is to meet his brother Esau, this is the direction he has been called.
How do you prepare to meet the brother you cheated who has been waiting to kill you for twenty years?
Jacob starts by sending a message addressing his brother as Master and himself as his humble servant… What a plan! But as soon as the message is delivered Jacob gets the report Esau will be meeting him with an army of 400 men… that is no welcoming party. 
He strategizes to avoid complete annihilation by dividing his camp and sending servants ahead of him with gifts in case their group is the one to meet Esau first. Then he secures his wives, servant wives, children, and possessions across the river.
Now Jacob is left completely alone and afraid for his life. The last time this happened he was running from the fire, now he is walking straight into it. I’m sure Jacob had no plans for a great night’s sleep. How could he with what awaited, but did he have any idea he was about to engage in a wrestling match with God Himself?
The two men struggle all night long and Jacob refuses to let the match end without a blessing. To which God responds:
“From now on you will be called Israel because you have fought with God
and with men and have won.”

This one statement left me unsettled. How did Jacob win against God? Why did God let him win? I’m certain I do not want to be involved in any match that includes God being defeated.
But Jacob’s victory has not come with God being the defeated opponent. Instead the victory is WITH God. Jacob, now Israel, is humbled, blessed, renewed by the power of God, and remade in His image. 
I pray the same can be said about us even when we face the most difficult of circumstances.
Lord, I wrestle with You in so many ways everyday through my choices to obey or walk my own way. May I recognize You are fighting for me, to reshape me in Your image, so I may experience victory over the world.

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