Back to the Beginning: Genesis 30:25-43

Today’s passage: Genesis 30:25-43
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Twenty years of service for what Jacob thought would be a short-term refuge from his brother’s wrath, and now he is ready to take his family and go home. After asking to be relieved from his work, Laban acknowledges that he has been blessed by the Lord through Jacob. Wow, how appreciative Laban must have been….Wrong!
”What will it take for you to stay?” His self-serving heart is not ready to give up the free labor and success he knows is dependent on Jacob’s presence. Jacob obliges and gives Laban specific conditions on which he will stay and care for the prosperous flocks: the white sheep, lambs, and goats will be Laban’s, while Jacob’s payment will be any of the spotted, speckled, or dark colored.
With an answer so quick, we should know Laban already has a scheme ready to cheat the terms. It seems there are no limits to which he will not sink to make sure he comes out on top. He takes the exact thing he agreed to and removes it completely so there will be no payment for Jacob. No paymentfor the man who he just acknowledged brought him blessings and prosperity.
But there can be no true prosperity for those who live their lives rooted in deceit. By faith Jacob sticks it out for twenty years in Laban’s homeland. He was lied to, deceived, and cheated but fully trusted God would provide a way out. God gives Jacob a plan to work with the animals that Laban has left and sure enough Jacob’s flocks increase while Laban’s decrease. 
Father, You give us one example after another of ways to live our life in faith no matter the circumstances. Help us to have the faith of Jacob, knowing that no matter where we are in our lives You are with us and will provide a way.

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