Back to the Beginning: Genesis 29:1-30

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a love story with a twist. Read: Genesis 29:1-30
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Within minutes of making it to his mother’s homeland, Jacob sees the woman of his dreams. It is most definitely love at first sight, but there is no immediate gratification here… Jacob agrees to work seven years for the hand of the woman whom he loves, Rachel. 
Can you imagine their excitement as his payment of service came to an end? Seven years is an extremely long engagement and now the debt has been paid and the two will finally be wed… but not so fast. Laban pulls the ol’ switcheroo on Jacob and tricks him into marrying the “weak eyed sister,” Leah. Oh, the betrayal and heartache he must have felt!
Justice. Karma. We call it divine providence… we like it. After all, why should we feel bad for Jacob? The deceiver got deceived. But, we should pay special attention to Jacob’s reaction when he finds out he has been tricked. Shocked, yes, but did he throw a fit or threaten to kill Laban? I am sure it was tempting, but No!
Jacob agrees to put in seven more years of labor to get what Laban promised him in the first place! His reaction is one of a transformed man and the peace he displays only comes from God.

God, give me the peace of knowing You are with me even when things do not go as planned. Let my hopes and expectations stand firm in Your promises instead of trusting in a world that is sure to let me down.

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