Back to the Beginning: Genesis 24:29-67

Genesis 24:29-67 is our reading today. Click the link or open up your Bible.
Today, Let us pray for a Genesis 24 kind of trust.

The Servant spends no time obsessing over the how; he trusts that God will. Not only does he show an inward trust of God as he expectantly waits for the Lord to lead him, he also exudes trust as he pours out his praises for the Lord and recounts every detail of the trip leaving no question that this is God’s work.
God, remind me that it is not my business to figure out HOW You will do things.

Laban and Bethuel readily acknowledge God at work and give the most matter of fact answer to the servant’s request: This is from the Lord… take her to become the wife of your master’s son, as the Lord has directed.” Neither tried to justify the events which had taken place, nor did they hesitate to accept all this as God’s doing.  

Some could argue they were wooed by the gifts to be had. If that is the case, does it really make a difference? God provided the servant with whatever he needed in order for the trip to be successful. If jewels and riches were needed to sway the brothers’ consent, so be it. The focus changes nonetheless.
God, remove my hesitations when it comes to seeing You at work in my life.

Rebekah: “I will go.” Not “Let me think about it for a while” or “I’m really comfortable where I’m at so thanks for asking, but no thanks.” In that moment, with those three short words, Rebekah gave up her life as she knew it — the comforts of home, her family, her native land — and acted on God’s calling to a new life. That is bold trust.
God, I want to hear Your call with such a bold trust that the only reply I know is: Yes Lord, I will go.
Father God I want to trust in you completely;
 I’m so sorry for all of the times I try to make sense of things in a worldly way.
 Give me the boldness to seek out YOUR WAY and trust that where You will lead me
is so much better than where I could lead myself.
A Proverbs 3:5-6 Prayer

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