Back to the Beginning: Genesis 24:1-28

Read today’s Word: Genesis 24:1-28
Open up your Bible or open up the link by clicking on the Scripture reference.
(Thigh promise… Hmm. Aren’t we all a little glad that handshakes and pinky promises are the cultural norm of today?)
Abraham’s journey in the world is coming to a close and he knows it is time to bring forward the next generation, so he commissions his senior most servant with the job of finding a bride for his son Isaac. Abraham is very clear the woman cannot be a Canaanite. His servant MUST travel back to Abraham’s native land (approximately 450 miles) and then bring the bride back to marry Isaac. 

The servant asked him, “What if the woman is not willing to come back with me?”
There it is. The familiar sound of what if
What if I can’t make this work? What if I fail?
Too often I find myself freezing before the fear of failure. How do I forget so easily that if I step out on faith, the Lord will be there to guide my steps?  

Abraham’s servant lets go of the what ifand commits to the task at hand. He arrives at a well on the outskirts of town and prays to God for a sign. He does not ask for a miraculous sign like fire falling from the sky. Instead he asks for a display of great character from the woman who will be right for Isaac. He sits back to watch as God answers his prayer leaving no room for doubt. Rebekah is the one. The one kind and hospitable enough to not only provide water for him, but also make sure his camels do not go thirsty. The one God had long planned for.

Father God, thank You for Your perfect plan. Please forgive me for the times I forget You are bigger than my fear of failure. I ask that You guide my steps and show me the relief in handing my “what if’s” over to You. In Your Son’s most holy name I pray, Amen.

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