Back to the Beginning: Genesis 23

Abraham’ story continues in Genesis 23. Read the chapter by clicking on the link.

… Abraham went to mourn for Sarah and to weep over her.

Not even the Father of Faith is exempt from losing loved ones. I remind myself even though there is loss on this side of the story, Jesus’ sacrifice unites us with God’s sweet promises on the other side.

From my own experience with loss, I know it is so very easy, tempting, to get stuck in it. But Abraham did not get stuck in his grief. He literally stood up to take care of the business at hand — purchasing a burial site for his wife.

More than once he is offered the gift of this land. Take it, I thought, God has already promised it to you… it is technically yours! And that’s when it hits me, this is another act of faith. Abraham believed so strongly in God’s promise that he was willing to invest in it.

Father, I pray you would give me the faith of Abraham. That I would believe with every ounce of my being You are The God of love, truth, and fulfilled promises. So much so, even my worldly investments are a reflection of trust in Your plan.


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