Back to the Beginning: Genesis 22

Genesis 22 has more suspense than any modern day movie. Click on the link and read it for yourself.

I wonder about the emotion not written in this chapter of Genesis. Let’s allow our imagination to paint a picture for a moment.

Imagine Abraham’s thoughts when God spoke the fatal words, “Abraham, go… take you son, your only son, and sacrifice Him on my altar.” This child, the only hope Abraham had of being the father God promised he would be. What in the world?

Abraham didn’t spend too much time thinking about it. He got up early, loaded the supplies, and up the mountain the two traveled to make the sacrifice. Only something’s missing from the supply list and Isaac noticed.

“… the fire and wood are here, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?”

How do you answer the question? “Well, son, you are the lamb. You are the sacrifice.” Did Abraham gulp back the lump in his throat and breathe deep? Were there tears welling… waiting to drop any second?

He answers, “God, himself will provide the lamb.”

Take some time, read the rest of the story again. Read how Abraham flings his knife high to take the life of his only son. Read how God cries out, “STOP!” While you are reading imagine Abraham’s face as he looks down at his son strapped to a wood pile. Did the boy squirm, ask questions, struggle? Sigh with relief as God provides a lamb and the boy’s life is saved.

Now… move forward. Jesus is there… nailed to a pile of wood. Physically struggling, bleeding, crying out to God. He’s the Sacrifice, the Lamb to be slaughtered and there’s no one to cry STOP this time.

Abraham was right you know. God did provide a Lamb. He provided a ram to take Isaac’s place. He provided Himself to take ours. No other God in all the world has done this. Sacrificed himself to save His children. I am humbled by the very thought of it.

Lord, never let me forget the depth of Your great Sacrifice.
Let me never forget to be filled with thanks and awe.

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