Back to the Beginning: Genesis

Next stop… Genesis 4

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Sin’s desire is contrary to you, but you must rule over it. 
These were the words God spoke in warning to Cain, before his anger turned to action. Before he did the unthinkable. Before he took his brother’s life. A message of grace to give Cain a way out. He didn’t take it… the way out. Instead, Cain made his issue with God an issue with Abel. And a life was taken. 
God extends the same grace to us. The time you were so angry at the loved one and when you called to tell them, they didn’t answer the phone. Or maybe it was the time God intervened on your internal ranting about your spouse to remind you “love covers a multitude of sin.” Whatever the circumstance God often pours out His grace-filled warnings and we have a choice.
Will we choose life and relationship or will we choose death? Because you don’t have to stop breathing to experience death. When relationships are damaged death occurs. It’s our choice. 
Have you received a warning lately? Heed His warning and choose His way. His way always, always leads to life.

Father God, help me to remember sin is contrary to what You desire for me.
Thank You for the grace You pour out, the warnings You give, and the Way
You’ve made for forgiveness. May I choose to forgive others,
as You have forgiven me.

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