Are You Anchored?

I love being on the water, whether it’s in a motor boat, kayak, float, or swimming. I think I’m part fish. For me, being around lakes and oceans feeds my soul. They are happy moments and holy moments. I have many happy memories growing up and as an adult, of going to the beach or water skiing.

Just a few years ago, shortly after my ordination, I received a nice boat to take me around Clear Lake for skiing, tubing, and swimming. So, on the first trip out, after cruising around for a while, we decided to stop for a swim. So, I took the brand new rope, and the brand new anchor, and proudly tied one of my best Girl Scout knots, and threw it in. After swimming for a while, one of my daughters said, “Mom, the boat seems to be moving away from us.” I told her not to worry, that I had securely tied the anchor to the rope, and it was a long rope. So, a little later, the same daughter said, “Mom, I think our stronger swimmers need to start trying to catch up to the boat, because you don’t have a rope THAT long!”

Well, she was right, and it was a good hard swim to ‘catch’ the boat. Turns out, in my haste and overconfidence, I had forgotten to tie the other end of the rope onto the boat cleat. I had not connected to the anchor.

On that day, and many since, I have thought about how, if we are not connected to our anchor, we are adrift. We may be having a good time, splashing around, but without God as our anchor, and Jesus Christ as our lifeline, we get further and further away from the things that are important as a disciple.

For me, that day and that event were a wow moment, in which my faith walk deepened (or maybe I should say ‘my faith swim’), and I remember to stay tied to the anchor. That day was, and is, a defining moment of how, through prayer, scripture and worship, I stay connected to God: and in the process, I stay connected with loving others.

We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul…
Hebrews 6:19 ESV

Did I mention I love being on the water?

Rev. Bonnie Osteen

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