Are We Wise?

Where is the child who has been born king of the Jews?

We have seen his star rising and want to pay homage.

Herod has asked us the exact time the star appeared. He seems to be quite interested in finding out more. He is sending us in search of the child, so that he may also pay homage.

We set out on our journey to find the child with the star we had seen leading us. It stops over the place where the child rests. What a miraculous feeling! We are overwhelmed with joy!
The child sleeps beside Mary his mother. We kneel at their feet to pay homage. We bring them gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Are these treasures worthy of the newborn king? Are they enough? 
The feeling of finding the child is incredible and we can hardly wait to return to Herod and share the good news. But wait. Something is wrong.
Our dreams turn to warnings of returning to Herod and we know we cannot. We will need to return home by another path.
Are we wise? Should we return the same way? Were our gifts sufficient for the Christ child?
So many questions to be asked by men who others look to for guidance and wisdom. 
Only time will tell if we have fulfilled what the prophets foretold.
But yes, we are wise. We followed our hearts led by the star and were witnesses to the greatest birth on earth.  Halleluiah, Glory to God on high! 
The one wiser than us has been born and will change the world.
Diana Smith

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