Anticipating a Special Gift

“Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift.” —2 Corinthians 9:15

As young children Julie and I would ask Santa each Christmas to bring us one special gift. The anticipation of receiving that one “special” gift was sometimes more than we thought we could endure. In December of 1965, Julie and I had both chosen that one “special gift” and Christmas seemed like it would never come. Mama and Daddy were preparing for both Christmas and an event scheduled for January of 1966, the birth of their third child.

Julie and I were excited as a six and a nine year old could be about our new baby brother. It had to be a boy because there were already two daughters in our household, and Daddy needed an ally in his “girl’s dormitory.”

The morning of December 24th came, and we were so excited! Santa was finally going to come, and we were going to get our special gifts. There was, however, one small hitch in our plans; Mama decided (or rather brother decided) to come early. Julie and I were both disappointed by the fact that Santa might not find us at our grandparents’ house if we had to stay with them.

When Daddy called to tell us around 6:30 pm that our new family member had arrived, there was one minor adjustment. Our special Christmas gift was the most wonderful present ever — our little sister, Janna.

God gave us an inexpressible gift that year just as he gave us all one that first Christmas morning. May we never forget the most special gift ever given to us, Jesus Christ, as we eagerly anticipate the celebration of his birth during this Advent.

Diana Smith—1990

Lord, birth something new in my life this Advent Season!

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