Angels Watching Over Me

Scripture: Jeremiah 33:14-16

Angels are “in.” Angels are hot commodities in art, style, and literature. Just look at the coverage the Heavenly Host are currently receiving in magazines and on television. The “why” is obvious. Angels represent God. Angels are embodiments of the Lord’s presence. Angels protect and promise, present and prostrate the presence of the “holy.”

We are people hungry for the holy. A people hungering for faith. When the Lord sent the Angel Gabriel to Mary, God sent the one whose name means “Hero of God, Man of God”. In other words, God sent an agent capable of representing God to a person most desperate for God in a moment that belonged to God.

As we enter the Advent Season, my prayer is that each of us will admit our desire for God in our lives, and see that we, too, live in lives and time that belong to Him. Likewise our prayer of preparation may be; “Angels watching over me, my Lord.”

Matt Idom—1994

Lord, this Advent season remind me of the supernatural nature of Your power.
I acknowledge my desire and need of Your presence in my life.
Thank You for watching over me and being near.

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