Advent: First Sunday

Today is the First Sunday of Advent. Up through Christmas we will celebrate Advent with a series of devotionals focusing on Jesus’s birth day. Events surrounding His birth, gifts He’s given and gifts we give Him.

Sundays you will find a Nativity Reading taken from Scripture, which tell us of His birth from both the apostles and the prophets.
Monday through Friday devotionals will be written by members of the congregation of First United Methodist Church – Jacksonville.
Saturdays you will find a gift to give Jesus through prayer.
May you be blessed this season by His Word and the testimonies of those you worship with.
Grow Team
First Sunday Nativity Reading: Luke 1:5-38
Don’t read His Word without letting it have its effect on you. 
Consider what He’s saying and how you will respond.
Grab a journal and a pen, or a sheet of paper and some colored pencils. Record your thoughts, insights, and inspirations regarding Jesus’s birth day using words and/or drawings.
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