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Advent 2020: The Beginning

The start of a spiritual discipline.

Today is the First Sunday of Advent. It’s the day we begin preparing our hearts for celebrating the day the Son of God left His home in heaven and entered the world as one of us.

It’s the day to begin reading Joy to the World by John Piper. We hope you’ve received a copy. If not, they are available in the Commons Area on the Welcome Desk. Or if you aren’t getting out, call the church office and we will get one to you.

Sunday, November 29:
Read the Preface of Joy to the World.

Advent is for adoring Jesus.


What did you learn about the tradition of Advent from the Preface?

Advent is not just a season marked on the calendar, it is a spiritual discipline. An opportunity to reflect on what Jesus means to us. When we practice Advent as a spiritual discipline, as a means to draw near God, we spend time in His Word, prayer, and honestly respond to what we’ve heard.

Joy to the World is an invitation to enter into the spiritual heart of Christmas and draw away from what the world has made it. Even the tradition of lighting candles on the Advent Wreath each week, when we look a little deeper, reveals a spiritual truth.

The closer we draw to Jesus — remembering His first arrival and looking forward to His second coming — we experience increased light in our lives. The lighting of one candle on the First Sunday of Advent, then lighting an additional candle each Sunday up to the Fourth Sunday, gives us a physical picture of the spiritual reality of receiving more of God’s light in our lives when we take the time to enter into the spiritual heart of Advent.

Drawing near to God and the wonder of what He did for us by entering our world in such an intimate way, fills us with increasing measures of hope, love, joy, and peace.

Advent is for adoring Jesus. How do you feel about Christmas? Jesus?

Do you adore Jesus? Do you look forward to His return?

What does the Advent season mean to you?

The true light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world.
John 1:9 ESV

As we walk through Joy to the World from today through Christmas Eve, we pray you will begin to sense an increased joy in your relationship with God through Jesus by way of the Holy Spirit.

Grow Team

[Feature Image Photo by Max Beck on Unsplash]

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