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Advent 2020: A New Covenant

Better promises.

A big part of trusting God is believing what He says in His Word. Understanding we need a Savior just because He says so.

Today, by faith, consider your need for salvation — from yourself and others, from situations and circumstances — listen to your heart’s response. Write down your needs, then go to God’s Word and find His promises that speak to your needs.

Do it all in the name of increasing your capacity to adore Jesus.

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How did today’s devotional speak to your faith?

God brings about our inner transformation by the Spirit of Christ.

John Piper, Joy to the World

We enter into the New Covenant by faith. Putting our trust in Jesus — His life, death, resurrection, and return — makes us recipients of His better promises.

His blood makes way for us to be transformed by God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Believing in Jesus starts the process.

Have you experienced God’s transforming power in your life? How?

Which of His promises are you most looking forward to being fulfilled? Why?

How does your heart respond to the truth that God alone brings about transformation in your life by faith in Christ’s sacrifice and the power of the Spirit?

What does your emotional response to this truth say about you? your relationship with God? with others?

Ask God to prepare your heart and spirit to receive the changes He wants to bring about in your life. Ask for the faith to trust His guidance and a willingness to obey.

Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.
Psalm 51:12 NIV

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