A New Year: Back to the Beginning

The heart of Growing in Faith at FUMC is to encourage Believers to be in the Word on a regular basis. Hopefully, stimulating an appetite for more and a hunger to see His Word made flesh in your life. We went through the New Testament together, but Oh, there is so much more.

With the beginning of the New Year we’re taking the blog posts Back to the Beginning: Genesis. 2017 will take us through Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, and Proverbs with a five day a week reading schedule and devotionals available here for each reading. We hope you will continue to join us and invite others in your circle of influence to come along.

Being in His Word is essential to spiritual growth and a vital life of prayer. After all, Scripture is how He speaks to us. Don’t you want to know what He has to say to you?

Looking forward to a blessed New Year of increasing faith, peace, love, joy, and grace!

Grow Team

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