A Light in the Darkness

God looked down upon the world and wept. The minions of Satan went freely across the face of the Earth. Humankind, tempted by evil, had turned to sinful ways. When the remaining faithful tried to light God’s candle, the devil’s henchmen stood nearby to snuff it out.

But then God acted. He rocked the foundations of sin when he sent His Son to be born unto the Virgin Mary. Jesus Christ, the embodiment of hope and light, had been born into the world.

The pure, golden light of the Lord shined forth from Jesus. The faithful and the needy welcomed its holy illumination as it eased burdens and restored souls. But the evil at heart feared the light. It exposed their corruption and hate, and they hid from it.

Enraged at God’s “invasion,” the followers of Satan led Jesus to a cross and crucified him. For a moment it appeared the darkness won. But then the news came of an empty tomb. Jesus had ascended and returned. Neither sin, nor death, nor the vast powers of the devil had been able to extinguish the light. The faithful of the Lord rejoiced.

From a blood stained cross, Jesus created a throne. From it he leads the righteous to light and life everlasting.

Through the years many have tried to put out the light. Hitler, Stalin, Nero and Pilate, and others have attempted to vanquish good through evil. But the symbol of the cross stands as an eternal reminder that no force can extinguish the light of God’s love. Jesus Christ lives. And the light burns eternal!

“…I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness,
but will have the light of life.”  —John 8:12

Jonathan Foster—1990

Father God, thank You for sending the light of Jesus into the darkness of the world.
Thank You for making the way for me to live in and by the Light.
Use me as Your light in this world.

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