A Broken Gift

What will you give Jesus for Christmas?
Me? Oh no, not me… I don’t have anything good enough (special enough, interesting enough) to give the King of kings for his birthday. These were honestly my first thoughts when asked this question.
I sit and try to think of some thing I may possess that is worthy of Him, but I become exhausted counting all of my faults. I try to find something I am good at or something great I have done, but I feel like everything falls short. That’s when I am reminded that He is not looking for one perfect thing from me. All He wants is me… All of me. He knows that I am messy and broken and He wants me anyway.
If you are anything like me, you need to be reminded of this sweet truth — You are the gift that Jesus is waiting for. He wants the good along with the bad, the neat along with the messy and broken. We don’t have to be perfect before we can come to Him. He will meet us right where we are.
How comforting it is to know that He does not need me to be perfectly wrapped and put together. I am the gift He wants, and so are you.
Cassie Bingham
Lord Jesus, I trust You with my brokenness.
I trust it is the gift You want from me.

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